Aug 252014

honest, sincere, and openI’m often asked questions such as “How do you know so many people?

There really is no single reason. I make lots of acquaintances, I strive to make more friends and no enemies, and I keep my relationships with people honest and open.

If you get up every morning with the mindset that you are going to have an awesome day, and you maintain that mindset throughout the day, the chances are that you’ll project a positive image to everyone you talk to.

It’s important not to gossip. And especially important to not spread gossip that you may hear about someone else. Don’t participate in anyone’s personal attack on another person or business. If they have issues, let them keep it between themselves and resist the urge to give an opinion. You can ward off such conversations with statements like “I’m sorry,  I don’t know enough about that to given an opinion.”

It’s not hard for someone else’s attitude to impact yours, so make sure you always have a topic you can switch to if a conversation becomes awkward. The switch itself may seem awkward, but it’s better than putting yourself into a situation where you say something you didn’t want to say. If you cannot change the topic, simply walk away from the conversation.

Remember that you do not know who knows who. That may seem like a strange statement, and I’ll explain.

There may be a situation where you overhear a person talking about someone else. The person may be praising the other person, or they may be saying things that are less than flattering. They could be so involved in their conversation that they are oblivious to who is around them, and overlook the fact that anyone hearing the conversation could know the person they are talking about. This can prove embarrassing for both the person talking, and the person overhearing what is being said, especially if the talk is negative.

Honesty is, by all means, the best policy. You don’t want someone to call you out over something they heard you say, and then have to defend yourself if the information you had shared was incorrect. That’s a blow to your credibility.

Be open. Be sincere. And above all, be honest.

photo credit: rthakrar via photopin cc