It’s Monday. What do I do now?

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Aug 112014

mondays at networking 1 on 1What does Monday mean to you?

Do you roll out of bed, reluctantly, with no inspiration to get ready to face the day?

Or do you view Monday as an opportunity to kickstart your week?

For many of us who own our own business, Monday is really just another day. There is no “working week”. Monday is the same as Tuesday, and Tuesday is the same as Wednesday. Even Sunday is just another work day!

But maybe it would inspire you for the rest of the week if you used Monday to set the tone for every other day that you work? What if Monday was your kick-off day.  The day where you got so excited that your enthusiasm just ran over into every other day of the week?

Monday could be your day for new beginnings. For many, it is the start of a new week, so why not do something “new” to honor that? There are 52 Mondays in a year. Here is a year’s worth of new things to try. Try one today, and then every Monday for a year!

  1. Call a new lead.
  2. Have coffee with someone you met at a networking event.
  3. Create a new blog post.
  4. Start a new habit.
  5. Break an old habit.
  6. Eat lunch at a new (to you) restaurant. You never know what connections you’ll make!
  7. Write a note, with paper and pen, to someone who has influenced you.
  8. Take a different route to your destination.
  9. Clean out your email box.
  10. Subscribe to a new blog.
  11. Listen to a new podcast.
  12. Read a chapter of a new business book.
  13. Drink a full glass of water (and then 5 more throughout the day).
  14. Face a fear.
  15. Complete a crossword puzzle.
  16. Try a new social media app.
  17. Make a cold sales call!
  18. Wake up an hour earlier than usual.
  19. List of three things you’re grateful for.
  20. Declutter your desk.
  21. Create a vision board.
  22. Look up an old friend.
  23. Find a word in the dictionary that you’ve never seen before.
  24. Review your budget.
  25. Write an op-ed for your local paper.
  26. Find a volunteer opportunity and sign up.
  27. Smile a lot!
  28. Shop at a local business you haven’t shopped at before.
  29. Meditate.
  30. Listen to a radio station you wouldn’t normally listen to.
  31. Forgive someone.
  32. Make plans to attend a networking event.
  33. Say “Good morning!” to someone you don’t know – and mean it.
  34. Consider exercise. If you have a routine already, add to it, f you don’t exercise. Start!
  35. Go for a walk.
  36. Schedule some alone time.
  37. Create a To Do list.
  38. Start eating healthy food!
  39. Send a gratitude email. Thanks someone!
  40. Memorize a quote or a saying.
  41. Update your Linked In profile.
  42. Book a mini-vacation.
  43. Plan the rest of your week.
  44. Make a note of three things you accomplished last week, and celebrate them!
  45. Put a credit card through the shredder.
  46. Pick a favorite photograph, print it, frame it, and put it on your desk.
  47. Disconnect for an hour. No internet. No phone. Just do it.
  48. Make something!
  49. Check in on your resume and update as needed.
  50. Make a list of things you love.
  51. Listen to classical music.
  52. Make a five-year plan.

photo credit: Jim, the Photographer via photopin cc