networking basics can help you overcome shyness“If you are looking for someone to show you how to specifically connect with people, give Bev a try. You cannot lose…she will make sure of it. Bev will not only tell you what to do, she will show you how to do it. She doesn’t guarantee sales she guarantees confidence. No one can sell your business like you can. As business owners, what we often lack in the selling process is the confidence to get the sales conversation started. Bev’s presence alone will boost your confidence to be able to present yourself and business in a way that makes you proud to own your business.”
– Darryl L. Brown, Assistant Vice President – Business Banking, PNC

“Bev Edgerton is the person we credit for introducing us to “proper” networking. She is a MASTER at it! We recommend that every serious business owner spend some time with Bev to learn effective networking. It will be time well spent.
Helen & Mary Beth Steidinger, The Business Connection, Inc. of America

“Successful people know how important networking is. It’s the backbone to building relationships and when done properly, it can increase your sales. Bev can get you on the right track to successful networking the right way. Don’t wait! Give her a call to see what she can do for your networking skills.”
Frank H. Keis, President/Owner, Developing Visions, Inc.

“I am so glad that I took Bev’s networking class. She showed me some techniques that improved my networking skills. Thanks to Bev and Networking One-on-One, I am able to feel more confident in social situations.”

“I had recently started a new job working for a small local start up business. At one of the first networking events I was a little uncomfortable meeting new people. I later was introduced to Bev and after some discussion about what each other did she explained how I could really benefit from a 1 in 1 networking class. After the class I understood some the skills necessary to strive in a networking atmosphere. I found the opportunity so helpful that I have recently recommended Bev to others starting out in their own business endeavors. Thanks.”
Justin, Bloomington, IL